High Performance Fabrics, Tapes and Coatings

Since 1929, Carolina Narrow Fabric has manufactured custom designed specialty textiles for a variety of applications. CNF currently supplies tapes and fabrics to a broad range of industries and markets including electrical, medical, automotive, aerospace, marine, industrial, military and liquid/gas transport.

Whether it is sealing and reinforcing a natural gas pipeline, providing the infrastructure for a new surfboard model or supplying orthopedic casts to the medical community, CNF is up to the challenge. Let our designers and engineers be a part of your next solution.

Form-I-Glas™ Composites

CNF's trademarked, patented Form-I-Glas is used across multiple industries, providing strength and reliability for fabrics that have to conform and perform.

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CNF’s Unique Capabilities

CNF is the only manufacturer with capacity to weave as narrow as a quarter inch and as broad as 120 inches and apply a wide range of finishes. And that's just the beginning.

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